Spencer Township Neighborhood Center

Building today for a stronger tomorrow!

About Us

Spencer Twp. Neighborhood Center is a community based non-profit (501c3) center. February 2012 we the S.T.N.C opened up hitting the ground running with providing assistance and resources to those in need. We not only serve just Spencer Twp. We serve surrounding areas such as Swanton, Springfield, Harding, and the rest of Lucas County.

Housed within Spencer Township Neighborhood Center is Western Lucas County Clinic and W.I.C Center. Not only could you receive general help from the community center, you can be seen by a physician and w.i.c if needed.

On Tuesdays only, a representative from Pathways comes out to the center between 10:30am and 11:00am to assist residents with their heating and electrical bills. Seniors are a priority so, they are seen first but, does assist those who are not seniors.

Every second Friday of the month we host a Family movie night. It is free to the public at no charge. If patrons needed something to do, attending a movie at the center would be something to do.

Every last Thursday of the we host a community dinner for the public. To give our thanks and appreciation to the community and keep Spencer Township Neighborhood Center going.