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Spencer Township Neighborhood Center

Building today for a stronger tomorrow!

Our Office Hours of Operation
9:00am – 1:00pm Monday thru Friday
Hours of Operation vary through the Summer.

Housed within Spencer Township Neighborhood Center is W.I.C Center. Not only could you receive general help from the community center and w.i.c if needed.

On Tuesdays ONLY, a representative from Pathways comes out to the center between 10:30am and 11:00am to assist residents with their heating and electrical bills. Seniors are a priority so, they are seen first but, does assist those who are not seniors. We ask patrons to please call around 10:25am to ensure that the rep will be coming.

STNC carries various programs from Community, Senior, and Youth programs. Please click the Programs Tabs for the one that best fits your need.

Spencer Township Neighborhood Center serves as a Site for many different entities such as, Valley Service who provides meals to seniors 55+ at 11:30am, Summer Feeding Program, Youth Opportunity Program (Y.O.P), and Salvation Army Christmas Basket Application.

Every second Friday of the month we host a Family movie night. It is free to the public at no charge. If patrons are looking for something to do, come out and enjoy a movie with us!

Every last Friday of the month of the we host a community dinner for the public. To give our thanks and appreciation to the community and keep Spencer Township Neighborhood Center going.